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Our love of baking blossomed from our love of entertaining. On any given day, you would find baked treats on our counter, just waiting for friends to randomly stop by and indulge. The more we baked, the more we noticed our friends turning up more frequently. One fateful day our lives got in the way of baking, and we received unexpected company with no treats to offer. It wasn’t until we saw the disappointment in their eyes that we realized how our cake pops and other treats had been the highlight of their day! This made us wonder if our desserts could be a highlight in other people’s days as well. And from there, Moofy Pops was born…


Every product we sell at Moofy Pops is baked from scratch, using the freshest ingredients. We believe in spending extra time on each order to ensure a great tasting and uniquely designed dessert. Each cake pop is hand decorated, individually wrapped, and fully edible. Bring us your ideas – we’ll be happy to make them come to life!

Flavours - We provide a number of cake pop flavours, including:

  • Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Carrot Cake
  • Cheesecake
  • Red Velvet